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NAME: Jason Danvers
NICKNAMES: "The Jersey Devil"
"The Wicked One"
"The Cornerstone"
WEIGHT: 175 Lbs.
DATE OF BIRTH: 05/22/1981
HOMETOWN: Atlantic City, New Jersey
DEBUT: 11/19/1998
WAW Championship
The Jersey Devil VS Dirty Dealer
RESULT: Dirty Dealer won.
New Testament
THEME MUSIC: Freddy Fog "Endless"
CATCH PHRASE: "Dance with The Devil."


With WAW since day one and the longest running active competitor in WAW history, The Jersey Devil had a tumultuous career. His attitude is one of intense wickedness and mischievousness with a short tempter and childlike reasoning ability. In the ring, he's best known for his speed, finesse, and quick thinking. Otherwise, he's known as a demented madman, both theatrical and eccentric, and wrought with insanity. His metamorphosis throughout the years has prompted many to speculate that he may be of multiple personalities, but throughout it all, hes maintained one sincere quality: He is truly wicked.

He holds many distinct records in WAW, many of which cannot be duplicated because only one can be the first. He was in the first match, one of two challengers to a vacant WAW Championship waiting to be established. He's won every major championship in WAW including the WAW Championship, the Team Championship, and the Pure Wrestling Championship along with a few minor championships like the Apocalypse and Doomsday Championships as well as the now-defunct WAW United States Championship which made him the first WAW Grand Slam Champion. He's in the Hall of Fame and he was even the WAW President for a short time before giving the position up willingly in a vote by the fans in favor of returning to the ring. Since his retirement at Legacy 2009, he has settled down his wife, step-son, and his daughter, Jersey Grey, born July 21st, 2009. He is still known to make an appearance here and there when the situations call for it.


WAW Championship (1-time)
WAW Pure Wrestling Championship (2-time)
WAW Team Championship (3-time)
WAW U.S. Championship (2-time)
Apocalypse Championship (2002)
Doomsday Championship (2003)
WAW Grand Slam (WAW Championship, Team Championship, Pure Wrestling Championship & at least one minor singles championship [U.S., Apocalypse, & Doomsday])

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